Company Profile

Company History in the U.S.A.

Hartz Chicken Buffet was found in 1972 as Hartz Crispy Chicken. The concept grew through company and franchise store development in the 1970*s and 1980's primarily in the northern areas of the Houston Metroplex. Hartz was the first chicken chain in the Houston area to offer drive-through service and is currently the only chicken segment chain operation to offer an all you can eat buffet with chicken as its main entree along with a wide variety of other fresh, high quality products. The highly successful buffet was added to the Hartz concept during the severe economic recession experienced by Houston in the mid-1980!s. In June of 1991, the company was acquired by an investment group comprising of restaurant industry professionals. A highly experienced new management team with solid operations background in the fast food chicken segment was brought to the company. The new team provides Hartz with the leadership necessary to be successful in the competitive fast food segment.

Hartz Chicken Buffet Inc. has been extending to the global expansion in 1995. Franchising has been utilized as the mechanism for its expansion program. Malaysia was its first global business infant which had the 1st international restaurant opened in May 1995 followed by Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, India, and Europe countries.

There are total of about 20 buffet restaurants with an average seating capacity of 250 seats outside United States. Hartz buffet concept had been proven success with its success opening in Malaysia , Indonesia and China.

The Hartz Fast Food Concept

The present Hartz Concept has evolved from primarily a take-out fast food chicken store to a combination of take-out and dine-in service featuring an all you can eat American taste buffet. Customers may order individual items from the menu but it is the all you can eat buffet which separates the Hartz concept from the traditional fast food chicken restaurants and provides it with the ability to occupy a niche all its own. The buffet includes fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken tenders, Tejas wings, fried fish and a large variety of hot and cold vegetable products. The hot vegetables are steam cooked to preserve their color and enhance their flavour and maintain their nutrition. Additional items served daily on the buffet includes a variety of cobblers, bread puddings and Hartz famous yeast rolls which are made from scratch and baked fresh daily before serving. Hartz Chicken Buffet products are prepared fresh daily on the premises and are rotated regularly resulting in a high quality, large variety buffet offering for the guest. Buffet service is fast, efficient, low price provides the best food value and quality in the market place today.