Still the best buffet value in America! And here's why:

When you prepare a meal in your own home, you take great pride in what you're doing. It's no different at Hartz. We take great pride in the quality and presentation of our famous all you can eat buffet, just like you would if you were preparing it for your own family.

QUALITY: Our buffet is always fresh, hot (or cold as appropriate), and ready for you all day long, from opening to closing. Only the finest quality, most nutritious foods are served at our buffet.

Value. Hartz all you can eat buffet will cost you less than most trips to a fast food restaurant, where you'll pay more for a sandwich, fries, drink and a frozen fried pie than you will for our delicious buffet.

Great recipes. More than 100 delicious, home-style recipes have been handed down over the past twenty years and are carefully protected in our secret Hartz recipe book. You'll love them all.

Healthy Options. Choose from Krispy or Roasted Chicken, Alaskan Pollock fish fillet, a well-balanced array of healthy steamed vegetables, casseroles, cold salads, home-style fruit cobblers and hot, fresh yeast rolls. There's something for everybody. All for one low price!


If you need to arrange food for an upcoming special event—a party, celebration, meeting, reception, large family gathering— don't worry. Hartz has the solution to your catering problem.

Each Hartz restaurant is capable of catering special events, big or small, with a large array of our delicious, nutritious foods. Call the location listed below that is nearest to you and let us help plan your next event. Or call Kimberly Chew, our corporate Catering Manager, at 082-259922. Kimberly can answer all your questions and coordinate your catering requirements with the Hartz nearest you.

We can handle your catering needs in a variety of ways. You pick the level of support you want and we can help make it happen.

HARTZ' FREE DELIVERY now still growing!

The Hartz Chicken Buffet delivery program in Houston is growing by leaps and bounds. We now have more than 20 oven-equipped delivery vans in action, ready to serve you. If you live or work in one of our delivery areas, you don't have to wait until you visit Hartz to enjoy hot, fresh, delicious Hartz cookin'.

Just pick up the phone and call the Hartz delivery location nearest you to see if you are in our delivery zone. If you are, place your order and just sit back and relax while a friendly Hartz professional delivers your meal.

If you're tired of the same old pizza deliveries, call now. You'll enjoy our good old fashioned Hartz hospitality and truly great food, delivered right to your doorstep free of charge!

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